Altiquin Joy - "Joy"

We are extremely proud to announce a new addition to Wildwind British Labradors.


Joy is a direct Import from Altiquin Kennels in Ireland

Altiquin Kennels is highly respected within the British Labrador community. Kown as one of the Top Breeders of British Labradors. Altiquin only produce's One litter per year. So, we couldn't be more proud, to be lucky enough to have Joy. Altiquin is known for producing exceptionally well bred, clean lines. Altiquin is considered on of the top trainers in Ireland.

Recently we were given the opportunity to purchase Joy. It was a pretty easy decision, and we took advantage of it. Joy will produce some outstanding Black and Yellow pup's. We couldn't be happier to have her.

Joy's confirmation is excellent, with a very attractive square head, broad chest, and extremely muscular feature's, making her an excellent example of a properly bred British Field lab. Joy is a very well behaved, true young Lady, with a nice thick coat, and the classic "otter tail". Her weight is 50 lbs. Joy's drive is as hard on blinds, as it is on marks, over land or water. Its hard to believe that a retriever with this much drive can turn it off. But, she can. Joy is just a sweetheart around the house, due to her quiet, calm temperament. A perfect combination. Making her a great companion that is truly as "Enjoyable in the home, as she is in the field..."

Joy is an excellent, aggressive, relentless game finder, and a pleasure to handle, and watch work.

Joy's parents have both received a Normal/Clear PRA result from Optigen. Meaning, Joy herself is clear.

AKC Reg. No. SR52362302
Eye Cerf. Clear #LR-44374
Optigen - PRA-Normal/Clear #08-8660
Hips BVA - 6/6
DNA # V575059
CNM - Clear by Parentage: LR-CNM08-200-M-PIV & LR-CNM08-201-F-PIV
weight - 53lbs.

Int.FTCh Altiquin Egan
FTCh Strong Blade
FTCh Gorin Teal
FTW Highwalk Claire
Knockcunnier Elly
Int. FTCh Ulstare Oak
Sporthall Clio of Knockcunnier
Altiquin Pride
FTChWillowyck Ruff
1st pl British Champ. 2007
FTCh Willowyck Henmann
Cleeveway Nestle
Int. FTChCarraigairt Abba
FTChPocklea Remus
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